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from Rev. Tim Sapp

On March 12th we received a statement from the Provincial Elders Conference that
stated “The PEC strongly encourages suspending worship services and large gatherings”
through the end of April 2020. 
This is due to the increasing concerns of the spread of COVID-19.
Advent’s Board of Elders discussed this matter and decided to follow the
recommendation of the PEC and have suspended all services until further notice.

Elders have discussed continuing COVID-19 situation
and have suspended services through the end of August 2020.

Service Updates:

July 19 2020 Service update- All Services Cancelled through August 2020 
June 27 2020 Phone Tree. All Services Cancelled through July 2020 with details and updates in next newsletter. 
June -- 2020 News Due to the recommendation of the Provincial Elders Conference and Advent’s Board of Elders all church services and activities have been cancelled until June 30 or until we enter into Phase 3 of the reopening process. However, this does not mean that church services will automatically resume in July. That will be a decision made at that time by the Board of Elders with the information they have provided to them by the PEC. 

Any use of church facilities has to be pre-approved by the Board of Elders until further notice.
This is a necessary step to ensure the safety and welfare of our members, families and friends.
The PEC has asked the churches to take the time in June as an opportunity to develop a comprehensive plan about how to safely resume large group gatherings for worship and other activities.

Pastor Tim

We will continue to keep you updated of any changes as they occur, which would impact our future schedule.
Let us continually be in a prayer for this serious situation.
God’s Blessings and Power be with you all, Board of Elders

If you are looking for a place where you will be welcomed,
If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with God,
Then come and worship with us.

Advent's Watchword for 2020

For the Lord hath comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his afflicted. Isaiah 49:13

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