History of

Advent Moravian NC

Rev. George Bruner

The first fulltime pastor of Advent.

He faithfully served this congregation

from 1924 until 1945.

Old Pleasant Fork Community Church

1845 to 1897

After 89 years of meeting together, the people of Advent Moravian Church were officially organized as an independent, self-supporting congregation on

June 22, 1924. It was the result of a merger of the two area Sunday Schools which became associated with Friedberg Moravian Church. The small band of Moravian men and women who were instrumental in the formation of Advent Moravian Church had a vision of a church in their community that would hold to the beliefs of the Moravian doctrine and a church that would be accessible to more people in their community. : A movement for a Moravian Sunday School was begun among the families belonging to Friedberg Moravian Church, but living in the Pleasant Fork Community. Advent Moravian Church can trace her beginning to the Cool Springs Sunday School, organized in December 1832, and later began meeting in the Pleasant Fork Sunday School and Church.

Advent Moravian Church & Community Building

1897 to 1938

Objections were raised by non-Moravians of the Moravians using the Pleasant Fork Church. On September 27, 1896, a Building Committee was elected to proceed with the erection of a proposed Moravian Church in the junction of the Old Salisbury and West Clemmonsville Roads. The building was completed and the name "Advent" was chosen. A Community Building was added later. Advent Moravian Church was used for the first time as a place of Divine Worship on September 12, 1897.

Our Sunday School Sanctuary was completed and first occupied March 20,1939. With God's blessings, Advent Moravian Church continued to grow and a larger Church was completed in 1939. As Advent continued to grow, a larger Sanctuary became necessary, and this building became the Sunday School Sanctuary. In 1968, an additional Education Building was built on the West side of the Sunday School Sanctuary that houses the class rooms for Sunday School and is also used today for our new Pre-School Program.

Fellowship Center

Completed 2002

In 2002, a new Fellowship Center was added, connected by a covered walkway. Advent continues to grow, not only in the need for more structures to house our programs, but we continue to grow spiritually.

Advent Moravian 2015 Directory Cover

Photo by Brent Russell

The church direcrory photo was so well liked that church members requested it be posted here. The view is from God's Acre looking back at the current Fellowship Center and Main Church buildings.