October 11, 2020 Service

Tim Sapp presides over Moravian Worship Service at Advent Moravian Church for Sunday, October 11, 2020. Accompanist Austin Beasley, reader and soloist Dave Blum. Recorded on smart phone so image will not fill screen.

Moravian Book of Worship (Blue Hymnal) (ISBN:1-878422-15-4)

CCL Copyright License 1978568 and Streaming License 20727704

Order of Service for October 11, 2020

PreludeWelcome and Announcements

Prayer Concerns of the Congregation

Liturgy Reader Dave Blum

Sing to the Lord a New Song, A Journey Through Psalm 23

Worship through Giving

Special Music God is My Shepherd by Antonin Dvorak, Soloist Dave Blum



Scripture Isaiah 25:1-9; Philippians 4:1-9

Children’s Sermon

Sermon “A Blessing to be Invited“ - Text: Matthew 22:1-14

Hymn page 607 I Am Thine, O Lord


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