January 03, 2021 Service and Communion

Rev Tim Sapp presides over Worship Service for January 03, 2021 Communion is at end of service.

Accompanist is Austin Beasley. Book of Worship (Blue Hymnal) will be used in this service (ISBN:1-878422-15-4) CCLI Copyright License 1978568 and Streaming License 20727704

Order of Service January 3, 2021


Advent’s 2021 Watchword - Psalm 86 vs 7

Welcome and Announcements

Prayer Concerns

Liturgy page 143 New Year and Anniversaries



Scripture – Jeremiah 31: 7-14

Ephesians 1: 3-14

Children’s Message “Jesus is the Light of the World”


Sermon “What is certain? Jesus is the Light” John 1:1-18

Preparation for Communion – Austin’s playing clipped by YouTube Copyright

Liturgy page 183 – The Service for Holy Communion in Celebration of Christ’s Coming